Buying at HAA

Fair Market Price Guarantee

Photo of ring man at Houston Auto Auction

Houston Auto Auction has great deals from many of our reputable sellers. We boast a seller line up that ranges from city, county, and federal entities, local dealers, car rental, Fleet/Lease, local municipalities, and even individuals like yourself.

Don't pay to much for your next automobile, at Houston Auto Auction we guarantee you a fair market price, on your next vehicle purchase.

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Post Sale Inspection

Mechanic performing a PSI at Houston Auto Auction

For added peace of mind, our buyers have the ability to purchase a PSI or Post Sale Inspection. A post sale inspection allows you to bid with confidence and not worry about getting stuck with drive train issues.

After you have purchased a PSI and won your bid , we have our mechanics thoroughly test the drive train on the vehicle that you've won. If any issues with the drive train are found, you are protected under our PSI plan. 7-day Post Sale Inspections are available.

Bidder Rules

The following are rules that govern bidding on and purchase of vehicles in the public auction.

  • Contract (pdf file)

  • Heavy Equipment Buy/Sell Fees (pdf file)

  • I.D. Types (pdf file)

  • Buyer Registration Form (pdf file)